How the public can help with Missing Endangered Person Advisories

GREAT FALLS - When it comes to missing persons cases, we all want to do our part to help out, but are there steps we can take to make sure we are helping and not hindering investigators?

The biggest thing is they want and appreciate all the help they can get when it comes to these cases but communication and coordination are key.

One of the most utilized tools by the communities is Facebook, and in groups like ‘Find Sally Smith,’ the number of members in the group has surpassed three thousand people.

With this many people looking across Montana and in several other states and regions there are lots of eyes looking out.

So what should be done if new information is discovered by someone? Well, the best thing to do is contact GFPD and get a hold of the investigator, and tell them the info you found before blasting it on social media.

The reason is that info can get lost in the shuffle on social media but if you bring the info directly it will save time for all parties involved.

Another factor is the family involved who may have specific information they don’t want to be shared publicly.

“We want to find them just as bad as the community does but we have to have a specific approach to what we are going to do because there could be an evidence factor to it that we have, we have people duplicating efforts and create a lot of chaos when they go out and handle things on their own,” said, Lt. Doug Otto, Great Falls Police Department

But if you are interested in wanting to start something and are working with the family, the family needs to work with the investigators so an organized effort can be put together.

If you or anyone has any information regarding sally smith you are asked to please contact GFPD right away.


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