Giant Springs Elementary School

GREAT FALLS- On Monday, the air quality in Great Falls went from unhealthy to moderate, which allowed students to go outside for recess. But as smoke stays in the air, schools are monitoring the air quality closely. 

“They monitor the air quality each day in the office and let us know whether the kids can go outside or not. So, it’s really an hour by hour, minute by minute decision coming from the office," said Tina Jolly, Kindergarten Teacher at Giant Springs Elementary School. 

Jolly says indoor recess is the solution when the air quality is too poor to keep kids safe. 

 “There’s occasions where we need to indoor recess. If the air quality from the forest fire smoke is too poor for kids to be safe outside we’ll do indoor recess," said Jolly. 

Students at Giant Springs Elementary School spent yesterday inside for recess and there are a few different things they were able to do. 

“We try to get them up and moving," said Jolly. 

Jolly says they use a program called "Go Noodle" which helps keep the kids active by singing, dancing and more.  

They have a few other options with small groups and make sure they are staying safe amid the pandemic. 

“They do have to have their masks on, they have to use hand sanitizer before and after, and then those supplies have to be sanitized before another group can take them," said Jolly. 

Jolly says the students are resilient and are willing to change and adapt to anything because they are happy to be back in the classroom. 

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