Lakey Lynn and the Permanent Passy: Father & daughter write children's book

GREAT FALLS- After getting submissions for children's books through their own publishing and podcast business, The Get It Factory owner, Ryan Acra, decided it was time to write his own.

But, there's a catch, Acra has a co-writer who happens to be his little daughter, Lakey Lynn.

"I didn't like giving up my pacifier at all," said Lakey Lynn.

A chewed up pacifier. Who have would have thought it would end up becoming inspiration for Ryan and Lakey's very first children's book.

"Lakey at that time was going through this war of giving up her pacifier. I said Lakey would you help me write a book?,” said Ryan Acra.

So they sat down and started drumming up a partially fictional story about a kid not wanting to give up her pacifier.

"It turned into this little mouse family, but it's based on Lakey and the experiences she had,” said Ryan Acra.

Getting to know Lakey, she's a sassy little kindergartner who's not afraid to hold her own with her siblings.

"My sister Haven she tries to get me to give up my passy, but then I dump a trash can on her, and say dream on stinky," said Lakey Acra.

Which is exactly why, dad tells me they're putting out a second book called, Lakey Lynn and the fantastic fit.

"Based on some non-little fiction pieces of our little Lakey. She can let them fly. That one will be coming out by hopefully late February,” said Ryan Acra.

As for Lakey, she's got quite a few other book ideas in store.

"Lakey Lynn is picky. Lakey Lynn and bored of bedtime,” said Lakey Acra.

As for dad, he'll just be trying to keep up with Lakey, their book signings, and helping his little girl turn Lakely Lynn into a successful book series.

"Stay tuned for the next Lakey Lynn," said Lakey Acra.

If you want to get a copy of Lakey Lynn click here.

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