Montana Treasure: Roadhouse Diner's Creative Burgers in Great Falls

Roadhouse Diner is one of five local businesses participating in the Give Great Falls event, as the city celebrates it for the first time ever. 

Some local businesses are coming together in acts of charity, giving away some of their money towards local nonprofits for today's Give Great Falls Event.

Roadhouse Diner is one of five Great Falls businesses taking part in this event, one that's meant to encourage generosity, increase community engagement and strengthen the impact of cooperation throughout the city.

Throughout Thursday, it’s donating a dollar for every burger purchase. Proceeds will go towards the city's Chamber of Commerce, who will then send them to the different organizations in town.

While other communities have done this in the past, 2019 actually marks the city's, and the restaurant’s, first year of participating.

"We do as much as we can to help out the community,” said Roadhouse Cofounder Tara Beam.  “Because if it weren't for the people of Great Falls, and the tourists and the surrounding areas, we wouldn't be here today."

Tara says that the diner decided to participate after the city reached out to her earlier this year. She says the restaurant's approach to Give Great Falls is a different way of giving - by helping customers who care about other people.

Roadhouse will continue raising a buck a burger until they close at 8:30 PM.

Other participating businesses include the Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe, Morning Light Coffee Roasters, Mighty Mo Brewing Co. and the Bloom and Bean. 

But it's not limited to local businesses either - if you're feeling generous, you can make donations online at the official Give Great Falls’ website.  


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