Keefe Mugshot

Steven Wayne Keefe was originally convicted in 1986 on three counts of deliberate homicide, just six weeks of his 18th birthday. 

GREAT FALLS - In 2012 and 2016, the United States Supreme Court said the death penalty and life imprisonment for juveniles was unconstitutional. Now, a case from 1986 is being re-evaluated because of these new laws.

Steven Wayne Keefe was convicted of three counts of deliberate homicide just six weeks shy of his 18th birthday. 

Court documents say Keefe shot and killed David McKay, his wife Constance and their 40-year-old daughter Marian McKay Gamor, all while Marian's 3-year-old little girl was asleep. He was sentenced to three life terms in prison without parole.

Just a few weeks ago, Judge Greg Pinski ordered a resentencing for Keefe. In his ruling, Pinski said the judge who originally sentenced him didn't take into account his age, turbulent home life, mental health conditions and substance abuse issues.

Fast forward to today, after four hours of testimony from both sides, Pinski sentenced him to three life terms without parole, essentially handing down the same exact sentence as the original.

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