Longfellow Elementary: Returning to sixth grade after 60 years

GREAT FALLS- Imagine going back to 6th grade after 60 years?! Well, that's exactly what 12 prior Longfellow Elementary students did this morning.

Sitting down with current Great Falls Public School sixth graders, the 12 former students were asked questions about what their time was like at Longfellow Elementary.

Some mentioned how much times have changed and others seemed ecstatic to learn about the brand new demolition project Longfellow elementary has begun to undergo. In fact, Tug Ikeda, a 92-year-old teacher who taught some of these students 60 years ago, attended and shares his words of wisdom about growing up.

"I think that would be the main thing is be yourself because you can't be anybody else," said Ikeda.

GFPS Superintendent Tammy Lacey and Ruth Uecker, Assistant Superintendent K through sixth also shared the demolition plans for the new elementary school. A few of the previous students mentioned they are expecting these renovations to look very similar to Giant Springs Elementary School.

Speaking of the Longfellow demolition project, Great Falls Fire Rescue says their firefighters will be using the school's space in conducting live burning and other destructive training next week from February 4th to the 7th.

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