Lost Lake

Landowner Stephen Grossman says beginning this weekend, Lost Lake will be closed to the public.

The hiking spot has always been located on private property but open to visitors, and has grown in popularity over the years. Grossman says in the past, they saw 2-3 vehicles at a time. But now, 25 vehicles are showing up a day, parking along the road and in their pastures.

He says not only is the steep cliff edge a hazard, but now farmers and ranchers aren’t able to get by safely and work. And so far, signs posted in the area haven’t worked. Grossman tells KFBB the liability has simply become too high, and on top of that, it’s becoming more difficult to maintain.

“95 to 99 percent of people are very respectful,” says Grossman. “But that small percentage, you find every weekend we’ve got beer cans, McDonald’s cups…and just yesterday we discovered someone went down and drew female and male genitalia on our sign, and I thought that’s it, I’ve had enough.”

Grossman says he was born and raised on the property, and is sad to see it come to this.

“We don’t feel great about it, but it’s just something we’ve got to do for our own liability and protection.”

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