GREAT FALLS - It's a case from the 1950's that would become so cold that more than half-a-century would pass before it could finally be solved: The Lovers' Lane Slayings.

Last week on 'Montana Murder Mysteries,' after combing through old newspaper clippings and speaking to both the Cascade County Sheriff and the lead detective on this case, Podcast Hosts Angela Marshall and Blake Simonson revealed more about the tragic shooting deaths of 18-year-old Lloyd Duane Bogle and 16-year-old Patricia Kalitzke outside of Great Falls in 1956.

Decades later, a fresh pair of eyes and a more thorough look at the evidence would point investigators to the discovery of a sexual assault-- a crime too taboo to talk about for the time.

But it's this knowledge of the sexual assault that would lead investigators down a new path of tracking down a suspect.

"And the good news that we learned in 2001 when they tested that evidence is that they only tested ½ of that swab. So what that did for us, we were able to use the other half for further testing years later," said Det. Sgt. Jon Kadner with the Cascade Co. Sheriff's Office. "For the first time in 65 years, we had a solid lead."

How new DNA technology was used to close the file on what may be the oldest cold case in the country: "The Lover's Lane Slayings.'

And Part Two is available now, here, or wherever you download your podcasts.

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