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GREAT FALLS- Malmstrom Air Force Base has changed its health protection condition (HPCON) levels to Bravo.

On March 26, Malmstrom set their HPCON level to ‘Charlie’ after guidance from the Secretary of State.

This week, the base is moving back to a ‘Bravo’ HPCON after more guidance from the Secretary of State allowed for them to set the status based on local conditions.

Malmstrom explained that they are not going to go straight to ‘Alpha’ and will watch how things with the virus play out.

If a resurgence of coronavirus is detected, the base and the Department of Defense will reassess conditions and make changes as needed.

Starting Tuesday, May 26, the Child Development Center and school-aged childcare will be opened for non-mission essential families.

For registering for the Child Development Center, you can call ahead at 406-731-2417 and for more information on school-aged childcare you can call 406-731-4634.

The bowling center will also be opened for dine-in on May 26. Every other lane will be closed at the center to physically distance people.

All services and computers at the library are available as well, save for a time reserved for DSI between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm Monday through Friday.

FamCamp will be open to all Air Force active duty patrons and in-state retirees on May 26.

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