Malmstrom Air Force Base

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Malmstrom Air Force Base is requiring all personnel wear face masks indoors beginning Sept. 7 no matter their COVID-19 vaccination status due to rising COVID-19 cases in Cascade County and in Montana.

Malmstrom raised their HPCON level from Alpha to Bravo confronting a moderate health concern to base personnel due to increased exposure danger. The change includes keeping away from high-risk areas and self isolating if exposed. In addition, Malmstrom announced in a release they will be requiring face masks indoors no matter the vaccination status.

“Our experience and our medical experts tell us that these health measures are the best way to maintain mission readiness by ensuring the availability of our personnel,” Col. Anita A. Feugate Opperman, 341st Missile Wing commander, said in the release. “We are continuing to monitor the data as it evolves, both locally and on base, so that we can make informed decisions that safeguard the health of our service members and their families.”

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