Gary Paul Adamson

GREAT FALLS- On February 25 a woman called the Great Falls Police Department and reported someone broke into her house and stole an Xbox and a Vizio sound system.

Court documents say the woman told police the electronics were missing when she got home and that the living room window was cracked open. 

She said she believed the suspect entered through the window, but left through the front door without locking it.

The woman said the Xbox belonged to her ex-boyfriend and that she believed the father of her children, Gary Adamson may have been involved.

The woman said Adamson knew she would not be home during the burglary and that last summer, he installed an AC unit in her window and commented that the window did not latch properly. 

 On February 27, court documents say the woman contacted several pawn shops about the stolen items and was told by an employee at one shop that a few people had come in the day before and tried to pawn a Vizio sound system and an Xbox. 

An officer talked to the owner of the pawn shop who showed her images of men entering the store the day after the burglary on February 26. 

The owner said the pawn transaction was denied because the sound system and Xbox controller did not work. 

Both men were identified based on their most recent booking photos as Gary Adamson and William Dayrider court documents say.

Dayrider was arrested on outstanding warrants on March 5 and agreed to speak with an officer. 

Dayrider told the officer Adamson is a friend of his step-son,  and that Adamson gave them a ride and asked him to pawn some items for him since he did not have an ID with him. 

When Dayrider agreed to do so, they went into the pawn shop where the pawn was denied.

Dayrider said Adamson initially told him the Xbox and sound system were his, but later told him he actually stole the items from the woman’s house.

Gary Paul Adamson has been charged with burglary and theft. 

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