Patrick Aaron Wenzel

GREAT FALLS- A man has been charged after he threw a large rock through a drive-through window at Morning Light Coffee.

Court documents say the officer that was dispatched to Morning Light Coffee found broken glass on the floor inside and outside the building and a basketball-sized rock on the floor inside the window.

The officer talked to the victim, who said she recognized the man who threw the rock and identified him as Patrick Aaron Wenzel.

The victim said Wenzel asked her out on a date via a text message that she did not respond to.

The victim said she was standing at the drive-through window when Wenzel through the rock through the closed window, the rock hitting her knee.

According to the officer affidavit, the officer observed cuts on the victim’s jeans where the rock and glass from the window hit her leg.

Damages are estimated to be about $2,000 according to the officer affidavit.

Wenzel’s Pre-trial Safety Assessment level is one.

Patrick Aaron Wenzel has been charged with criminal endangerment and criminal mischief.

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