Shilo Glen LaPlant

GREAT FALLS- An officer was called to a business on 10th Avenue south around 2:00 pm on January 19 after a report of a man taking a small table and using it to shatter the glass door to Cellular Repair.

Court documents say when the officer arrived at Cellular Repair he found the front door shattered and saw a man, later identified as Shilo Glen LaPlant, inside.

When the officer commanded LaPlant to walk to the center of the store, he refused and began removing signs and posters from the front of the store.

A taser was used by the officer to make LaPlant comply.

The person who called in the incident said LaPlant entered a business and took a small end table from the lobby before walking next door and breaking the glass of the front door.

LaPlant then returned the table to the business and went next door again, the caller saying they then locked the front door and called the police.

LaPlant is scored asĀ a level 1 according to the Montana Pretrial Safety Assessment court documents say.

Shilo Glen LaPlant has been charged with burglary, criminal mischief, obstructing a peace officer and disorderly conduct.

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