Cody Lynn Miller

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - A man who sent threatening messages and slashed the tires of a man's truck has been charged.

On May 11, officers were dispatched to an apartment on the east side of Great Falls for a report of vandalism and spoke to a man who reported he had gotten a message on Facebook from Cody Miller who was threatening to slit his throat and damage his truck.

Miller reportedly sent the message around 5:00 am, and in the message, Miller reportedly said he knew where the man worked and said, “I’ll grab my Bowie and come drag you over the counter…” as well as threatening to cut the man’s throat. 

After receiving the message, the man blocked Miller, however, the officer was also reportedly shown Facebook posts on Miller’s page from throughout the day where he made multiple posts directed at the man.

The officer affidavit says the man believes Miller was upset that he was talking to an individual referred to as S.M. and that he believed Miller’s threats were aimed at stopping them from talking.

When the man got home from work, he found the tires to his truck were slashed, documents saying the man then was in fear for his life and believed Miller would act on his threats.

According to court documents, Miller has convictions from Tennessee as recent as October 2020 for misdemeanor offenses ranging from drug possession and transfer as well as aggravated domestic assault. 

Miller also reportedly has a misdemeanor conviction in Montana for a similar offense, privacy in communications, and was charged with a felony protective order violation around the same time.

Cody Lynn Miller has been charged with intimidation and criminal mischief.

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