Student of the Week: Amarice Jenkins

As artists from all over gear up to join the western art capital of the world next week, and one senior art student from Great Falls High School is looking to make a name for herself, while inspiring the next generation of creative talent in this week’s Mattress Firm Student of the Week.

Amarice Jenkins has competed in her fair share of art exhibits since she was a sophomore, challenging her own original pieces against other creators.

"I like being part of a community, and the art community is so much fun,” Amarice said.

Her latest submission? An ink printing of a moth molded from scratch; A nostalgic reminder of her time working at a Boy Scout camp last summer.

"There was this cecropia moth, and it was the most beautiful thing."

Her moth print is just one of 20 pieces fighting for the people's choice award over at the Embark Credit Union.

It's part of the young master’s art program, which seeks to encourage student artists like Amarice.

"There are so many good artists… And there's this painting of, like, a momma bear and a baby bear on top and it is the cutest thing!"

And when she's not competing or doing schoolwork.

She spends her free time as a voluntary teacher at Longfellow Elementary, guiding kids to make their own works of art.

"We paint, we sculpt, we draw.... Art really gives kids a way to express themselves. You can be as weird, and creative and you as possible."

For now, she's simply excited to see the people's choice reception on March 12. Win or lose, Amarice she says she'll cheer on her rivals as she strives to become a professional artist, making her Mattress Firm's Student of the Week.

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