YOGO SAPPHIRE GULCH, Mont. - Located about 50 miles west of Lewistown lies the Yogo Sapphire Gulch where at least a billion dollars worth of Yogo sapphires is hidden in the rocks.

At this gulch, people will find dedicated miners like Gorge Lind and his girlfriend Beth Brown digging in the dirt in hopes of discovering gems with a beautiful bluish-purple color.

"My grandpa back in 1980 bought a place up here and I started coming here when I was a kid,” said Lind, "I'd spend the summers here and fell in love. I was 13 and I found a stone that was 3 carats, it cut out over a carat, and I used that money to buy my first car when I was 16."

Lind's grandpa's place is located outside of the Yogo Sapphire Gulch in an area known as the Sapphire Village where some of the Yogo Sapphire Gulch miners live.

"I make and sell jewelry now," said Lind.

"We quit our jobs at 30 years and just love it here. We just needed a change, we were tired of the rat race. So we decided to come out here and took a chance," said Brown.

As Lind and Brown mentioned, they're in the Yogo Sapphire jewelry making a business which is how they met Marie and Chuck Ridgeway.

"They're like family, very accepting," said Lind and Brown.

The Ridgeway’s have played a role in keeping the Yogo Sapphire commercial mining running for 35 years.

There's one thing that Lind and Brown shared with the Ridgeways.

"Our love for the blue Yogo Sapphire. It's not about the money," said Chuck Ridgeway.

For miners like Lind and Brown, they said their dream is to follow in the footsteps of the Ridgeways.

"Someday I want to commercially mine this. I think it's the right time with social media," said Lind.

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