Stephanie Byington

Photo courtesy: Cascade County Detention Center 

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Stephanie Byington, who is accused of beating 5-year-old Tony Renova in November 2019, signed a plea agreement to plead guilty to several charges, including accountability to deliberate homicide.

Court documents say Byington signed a plea agreement amending an initial deliberate homicide charge to accountability to deliberate homicide, assault on a minor, criminal child endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki, Byington could still receive life in prison for the above charges.

Racki told Montana Right Now the state made no recommendations on the sentencing, which means it's up to the judge.

In addition, Byington must testify against her husband at his trial in August.

Byington’s sentencing is set for Oct. 8.

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