Freedom Convoy

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GREAT FALLS, Mont. - New developments are being made in a protest that has had Montana's border to Canada shut down for four days.

One lane is now open after a deal was made, according to Canadian news sources.

That deal involved a meeting with truckers, their lawyers, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

A video circulating Twitter posted by Rebel News, founded by far-right political activist, Ezra Levant, shows truckers saying they will open up one lane in a show of good faith if their demands are met.

Last month, the Department of Homeland Security announced Non-U.S. residents would need to show proof of vaccination to enter the United States.

To enter Canada you also have to show proof of vaccination.

It's those mandates that the truckers are protesting saying the government on both sides has far too much overreach.

"If they meet our demands, then it's over. We open up. If they don't, then we shut it back down," said one man in the video circulating Twitter.

Despite those lanes opening up, this protest still continues to have a widespread impact.

Inge's Fashions has been in Great Falls since 1982 and just like many others when the pandemic first hit - they felt the impact of the border closure.

"Canadians used to come flocking down, so to speak. Every other license plate was a Canadian license plate. Now if you see 1 in 1,000 you're lucky because Canadian business has dropped off so tremendously. It used to be about 30% of our business was Canadian business and now it's... it's sad," said Inge Buchholz, owner of Inge's Fashions.

Right now neither the president nor the prime minister has budged on where they stand with their vaccine mandates.

We know that this is a very contentious issue and we work very hard to give you both sides, so here are the links to our sources.

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