Lewis and Clark Exhibit at GTF

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - The Great Falls International Airport (GTF) see's roughly 400,000 people coming and going. Now, those people can experience a little bit of the heritage the Electric City has to offer without even leaving the airport. 

The Lewis and Clark Discovery Display features the expedition and some of the challenges of the corps of discovery experienced while they were in the Great Falls area in the summer of 1805. The portage around Great Falls took roughly 2 weeks and they spent over a month in the area before heading on to the pacific. 

"Lewis and Clark is such a big part of our history, something we're proud of and so we wanted to give people a chance, one of their first impressions is they'll see this exhibit. So, it's a fun thing to do," said Jay Russell, executive director of the Lewis and Clark Foundation. 

The display is located across from gates two and three at the airport. While it is in the secured portion of the airport, it can still be seen through glass windows on the second floor. 

The display features a partial dugout canoe and tipi, some interactive panels looking at key members of the expedition, and even replica artifacts of some of the belongings from the trip. 

“The Lewis and Clark Expedition were an important part of our early history, especially in that the Corps spent more time here than anywhere along the trail, with the exception of the winter camps," said Russell. 


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