GREAT FALLS - After roughly a year of planning and hard work, a new elementary school in the Electric City is just months away from completion.

"This has been a dream of the district and coming to fruition for the last four years," said Lance Boyd, the principal for Longfellow Elementary.

After getting the bonds needed in 2016 and demolishing the old building last year, Great Falls Public Schools is bringing the school into the 21st century with a long needed upgrade.

"The building was old, and in places it was literally falling apart and just wasn't safe to be a school anymore," said Boyd.

Dozens of students with GFPS’ High School House program got a look behind the scenes with a tour throughout Longellow, seeing how construction crews are gradually bringing facilities like classrooms, a clinic and a 5,000 square foot playground with a rubber floor to life.

"[The students get to see anything] from design and architecture all the way to labor and sheetrocking, plumbing and wiring," said Boyd.  

"I think it's really cool, this is a really big school,” said High School Senior Easton Shupe, one of the students who came along for the tour. “I think how they're representing it, how they're building it, the materials they're using is really cool."   

Construction should finish by mid-summer, depending on weather conditions, just in time for kids in the neighborhood to start the new session in fall.

"A lot of hard work got into it, but at the same time, this is where our district has worked to really have these spaces,” said Boyd, “and we're just grateful to the community that we can have a space like this for our students"


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