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GREAT FALLS- As Palm Sunday approaches churches around Great Falls are making sure everyone gets a chance to celebrate their religious holiday, even if that means doing it virtually.

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GREAT FALLS- Although many places are shut down due to the Governor's orders and the coronavirus outbreak, Wheels of Thunder is helping kids fight boredom with a Facebook live for people to say “Hi” to the Easter Bunny. 

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GREAT FALLS- Services offered by paratransit are shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but thanks to some help from the United Way and Opportunities Inc. people who rely on paratransit will be able to get to the care they need, and their ride won’t cost them a dime.

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GREAT FALLS - No parks or playgrounds are closed yet, but there have been notices put up in order to alert people to certain health risks and practicing proper social distancing.

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GREAT FALLS- Over the past few weeks, this global pandemic has been slowing down almost everything, including businesses, organizations, special events, and so on. But one process that can’t be slowed down is the judicial one.

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GREAT FALLS- Many people in our area rely on services every day to make sure their mental health is taken care of, and with social distancing becoming the new norm, Youth Dynamics is forced to do their check-ins in a whole new way.

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Malmstrom Air Force Base announced Monday evening that all playgrounds on Base would be closed until further notice in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

GREAT FALLS- People are doing their best to avoid touching things that may contain the most germs, like cell phones, door handles and keyboards, but what about money?

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