Northeast Montana takes on severe drought after weeks of no snowfall

GREAT FALLS- After reporting no snowfall for several weeks, parts of Montana are now facing severe drought.

The Northeast corner of Montana, in cities like Plentywood and Culbertson, have been looking at below-average precipitation for weeks.

Central Montana has also been taking on dry conditions and is currently undergoing a moderate drought.

Although there's not much concern right now, Montana Right Now Meteorologist Mark Heyka says if dry conditions continue, it could cause problems.

“The biggest concern would be for grazing for cattle and livestock, and the other concern would be for if farmers are not irrigating well than the farmer is depending on mother nature, and obviously if you're normally living in a dry area then you have a drought, well that's not conducive to good crop growing,” says Heyka.

So far, the snowpack in the Western part of Montana is in good shape, ranging from 80%-105% of normal.

Heyka says Central Montana is looking to have above-average temperatures for the next 10 days and could see above-average precipitation by the end of January.


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