Nova Health continues to expand, now bringing more urgent care to Great Falls

Great Falls- As healthcare workers continue to work long hours, Great falls is welcoming a new urgent care facility that could lift some of the burdens for these workers.

This week the Nova Health opened up its doors to the community, providing even more health care options for all people.

Instead of being limited to the Great Falls Clinic or Benefis, Nova Health also provides patients with any urgent needs like blood work, x-rays, and of course rapid covid test.

After looking at the needs of the city it was clear the expansion had to take place.

"I think coming to Great Falls all they want to do is bring better access to health care. I mean it's very limited, Montana is a very rural state, Great Falls has very limited access to medical care. It just brings more options and just brings more access to the local community," said Physician Assistant Brian Andrew.

Nova Health is bringing its services to the Butte area and plans to expand to Helena in December.


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