GREAT FALLS - Pennies may not seem like much, but they can definitely stack up with enough time and effort. This week, one school in the electric city is raising as much as they can through a ‘Penny war’ to help those in need. 

All week long, students at Loy Elementary can donate pennies, coins and cash into colorful cans, decorated with teachers' faces and names. The four teachers with the most money will get a pie to the face on Friday. 

Students will be able to place their money in a can of their choice, and the four teachers who have the most money at the end of the day Thursday in their can will receive a pie in their face at an assembly on Friday, March 6.

The Penny War is a part of Great Falls Rescue Mission’s Community Week of Compassion and Fast from March 1 through March 7. All the money will help out with food at the rescue mission, but one fifth grade teacher said the fundraiser is also a learning opportunity for students. 

"I'd love the parents to know that we're trying to instill in their kids a sense of community, caring, taking care of others," said Pam Margaris. "We wanted to give them a reason to give." 

Margaris said the school is hoping to raise a few hundred dollars by Thursday. In the meantime, the rescue mission is encouraging members of the Great Falls community to give up a meal and donate a meal to help out the people they're housing. 

If you would like to donate, you can do so on the Great Falls Rescue Mission’s website here or in person at the Great Falls City Hall, Stockman Bank or at the Great Falls Rescue Mission’s Administration Office.

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