Tony Renova

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki has confirmed with Montana Right Now that Rasco Birdtail has reached a plea deal in the death of Tony Renova.

Birdtail, and Tony's parents Emilio Renova and Stephanie Byington, were all charged in connection with the child’s death last year.

Tuesday a plea deal was made with Birdtail that changes his charges to assault on a minor by accountability and tampering with evidence. 

His case was heard before Cascade County District Judge Elizabeth Best.

There were no recommendations on sentencing in this plea deal.  

As for Tony's parents they remain in custody charged with deliberate homicide, criminal child endangerment, assault on a minor and endangering the welfare of a child.  

Byington had asked for a reduction in bail but was denied.  Both cases are expected to be heard sometime in 2021.

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