Political parties prepare for General election in November

GREAT FALLS- After wrapping up our Primary election, candidates are now focused on the upcoming general election.

Both parties say this is the time to focus on letting Montanans know what they want for the future of the state.

Casey Schreiner, who is a Democratic leader in the Montana House of Representatives and a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, says the Democratic party will continue campaigning and reaching out to citizens, whether it's through Zoom or phone call, and discuss any issues at hand.

As for the Republican Party, Chairman Don “K” says these next few months will allow their team to rally behind the nominees.

Going into the General election, both parties believe they have what it takes to win the race.

“I think it’s our track record of showing up and getting stuff done,” Schreiner says. “You know Montanans, whether it be Republican or Democrat, they want an elected official to people who are working for them.”

“We have a very diverse party, from the moderate side all the way to the conservative and there’s a lot of ideas and different ideas in our party and we believe Montanan’s are going to be ready to go for that message,” Don said.

For all the final results and numbers from last night's Primary, you can click here.


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