Potential University of Providence program cuts: What do they entail?

(UPDATE 2/15/19) The University of Providence Board of Trustees voted to approve the recommendation to close several of the university’s programs. As a result of the decision, the following programs will close:

-Accounting (including the graduate program)


-Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Health and Physical Education,

-English, History, Sociology, Theater and Business Arts


UP explained all students in the affected programs will be given the opportunity to graduate from their programs and maintain their scholarships. UP states, recognizing these program changes will affect the future of the university, the Board also committed to lead a substantial and collaborative process among faculty and other campus stakeholders to map a clear vision for the university moving forward that is grounded in the mission and values of the Sisters of Providence.

UP told KFBB the plan is for this process to begin as soon as possible with final consideration by the Board of Trustees at their meeting in May.

GREAT FALLS- The University of Providence has announced a plan to potentially cut 12 major and minor degrees along with Men's Lacrosse.

We talked to Matthew Redinger this morning who's UP's Provost. He tells KFBB even if these programs get cut, the University will ensure its current students graduate with the degree they originally made plans to have. However, before we get into more details, let's take a look at what programs potentially are being cut.

UP's president, Tony Aretz will recommend cutting:

-Accounting, including its graduate program

-Art, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education, Health and Physical Education

-English, History, Sociology, Theater and Business Arts


Being a Catholic institution, we asked Redinger, why the college is looking to cut, of all programs, Theology. He says after meeting with the faculty which includes a few theologians, they realized having two full-time theologians with one major was not economically sustainable. However Redinger tells us, this doesn't mean learning about Theology throughout the school's core curriculum will be taken away.

"Fundamentally our goal is to build the liberal arts core curriculum as a foundation and theology is central to the core of the curriculum. So the liberal arts are not going away. The University of Providence has been, is, and will continue to be a Catholic liberal arts university," said Redinger.

Redinger says, this also applies to the other programs being cut meaning all these programs will continue to be taught through their core curriculum. We also asked if cut, is there any chance some of these programs could return in the near future, and Redinger told KFBB it's possible all depending on whether or not it's financially sensible.

We do want to reiterate. None of these decisions are final. The university is set to have open forums to further discuss these potential cuts and there will be a board meeting on Thursday, February 14th to decide what happens.

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