GREAT FALLS - Trash pick up prices could be rising in Great Falls, with a new proposal coming from city officials.

The city is proposing a 7.5% increase in residential and commercial garbage fees and a 33% raise in cardboard recycling fees.

A regular 96-gallon container at a single-family residence is looking at an extra 95 cents per bill while a commercial site is looking at $1.55 for the same size container.

The amount may not seem very big, but it will all be going back into the public works to keep the trucks and other services going.

“It's important to have the trucks that we need to provide the service and also our larger costs are personnel costs and we pay at a private landfill to dispose of our waste as well,” said Jim Rearden, Public Works Director.

Something Rearden stressed is how Great Falls is still one of the cheapest areas in the state for these services and the city wants to do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

The City Commission met Tuesday night to discuss the proposal and next, they'll vote on a location for a public hearing, which will take place on February 18th.


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