Student learns typing at Go & Grow Education Service

Getting used to different programs and technology can lead to learning barriers for kids and even their parents/guardians, according Go & Grow Education Services in Great Falls. Photo by Afiq Hisham.

GREAT FALLS - The technology involved with remote education can make the learning process confusing for some, but Montana Right Now spoke with one local business to see how families statewide can make it easier for themselves. 


Go & Grow Education Service says it offers help with better understanding the tools needed, since a lack of training can create learning barriers for students, parents and guardians. 


“We’ll give them the total background on the computer itself, how it’s working, how the program is actually doing,” said Kevin Leatherbarrow, M.Ed., the business’ co-director and tutor. 


With years of teaching in-person and online, Leatherbarrow said getting used to different digital programs is a common struggle. “[Manipulating] that computer for the benefit of their child. That seems to be a pretty big hurdle,” he said. 


This makes it harder for families to guide younger kids through lessons, especially if they’re already familiar with computers.


“They can get onto maybe other sites that they’re not supposed to be on or things of that nature,” said Leatherbarrow.


Still, Leatherbarrow recommends building their confidence through consistent practice, which may lead to smoother sessions over time. 


“We see the frustration in our parents because when they fail they feel bad, and a lot of them are hard on themselves. So we tell them, ‘Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s okay. [Success] will come, just be patient. Work it out, we’re here with you.’” he said.


Plus, he encourages folks to help students communicate with their teachers in case any tech issues or questions pop up. 


This learning style may not be for everyone, but Leatherbarrow says doing it with patience and an open mind can go a long way.


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