Riverview Elementary receives 'Distinguished Service Award'

GREAT FALLS- Wednesday morning Riverview Elementary School was awarded for their service to the Special Olympics of Montana. 

Riverview has partnered with the Great Falls Lions Special Olympic team for roughly 3 years now to help give back.

 Even though this is a big accomplishment for the school, principal Luke Diekhans says that this is just an opportunity to show people what Riverview Elementary stands for.

 “You know it really tells a lot about a school's culture and community and our welcoming spirit here at Riverview and how we want all students to succeed​," Diekhans said. 

Riverview is always willing to go above and beyond to serve the Great Falls Lions. They've hosted many fundraisers, special events, and welcomed the Lions with open arms. 

"They were always really supportive,” said Kathy Wanner, the local program coordinator. “If we needed a place to practice inside because the weather was bad, they opened their doors and was like, yeah come on over. We really felt like it was important to recognize them for everything that they did for us all the time."​ 

One student at Riverview expresses just how much she enjoys helping with the Great Falls Lions Special Olympics team.​

​"I love it. It's probably one of my favorite things to do here at school. I would do this over schoolwork​," said Alyssa Nelson, who is also a student member of the Leadership Team. 

Being a 6th grader, Alyssa says that even though the younger kids aren't quite old enough to help out, it is good to show them how to serve in the community. 

"When they see us helping out they'll want to help out too, and then they'll be on the leadership team and they'll do the same thing that we are doing today," Alyssa said.


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