MDT Crews Clearing Rubble on Craig Frontage Road

Crews with the Montana Department of Transportation working on clearing the rockslide on Craig Frontage Road, which a member of MDT found early in the morning as part of a regular road inspection. Photo by Afiq Hisham.

LEWIS & CLARK COUNTY - The Montana Department of Transportation closed off Craig Frontage Road Thursday after finding about 700 yards of rock that fell from a cliffside overnight.


John Sharkey, a member of the work crew on site, said another member of MDT came across the rockslide as early as 4:30 am during a regular checkup on US 91 Mile Post 23 between Cascade and Wolf Creek, with a pileup so big it covered both sides of the road.


While falling rocks are fairly common this time of year due to rainy weather, they don’t usually show up in large amounts. Since crew members found the rubble, they’ve chipped away all day, breaking rocks anywhere between 10-to-14 feet in size into smaller, more manageable pieces. 


This makes them easier to haul away, all while they keep an eye out for other possible debris using a drone. 


As crews continue working, Sharkey said they’re asking anyone driving - who doesn't live nearby - to take a detour through Interstate-15, which could add a possible delay of 20 minutes.


With no injuries to report, those on site said they’re pushing through, hoping to clear the pileup by Thursday evening, just in time for Memorial Day weekend.


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