GREAT FALLS - As schools get ready to reopen, one of the biggest concerns is keeping the school frequently cleaned to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Now, we’re hearing from those in charge of doing so.

“They asked me, do you want anything if you got the job, and I said I sure do I want a scooter if I am going to be traveling a mile up and down hallways I want a scoot,” said Lee Haynes, First Engineer, East Middle School.

Jeremy Haynes is the first engineer on a team of people whose job has become getting the East Middle School safe and clean so children can return for the new school year.

“We’ve done everything humanly possible my crew has been unbelievable in the depth and the strength that they have worked,” said Lee Haynes, First Engineer, East Middle School.

But they haven’t been alone in these new challenges GFPS supplied them with futuristic tech to help clean every inch of the school.

“It took forever to wipe down and clean in that first initial shut down, but with something like this we, will be able to do what took us days in hours,” said Lee Haynes, First Engineer, East Middle School.

Schools also got new scrubbers big and small to go along with the sprayers to make sure a 360-degree cleaning is possible multiple times a day.

“You know, I don’t think there is anyone way you can make everybody safe but you sure can cut down on the likely hood of something bad happening and that’s exactly what we’ve been trying to do,” said Lee Haynes, First Engineer, East Middle School

So for everyone coming back to school this year, these cleaners are prepared and ready to scoot into action to keep you safe.


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