Allie Olsen Senior Standout
When you come to a Rustlers volleyball game, you're bound to recognize senior middle blocker Allie Olson. Whether it's her 6-3 frame or her curly blond hair, she tends to stand out. However, her shy demeanor is taking a back seat this season as she spikes her way through senior year.
"Allie's probably one of the most humble 6'3 powerhouses that I've ever coached," said Rustlers head coach Patrick Hiller.
"She was kinda that goofy long-legged, long arms. I mean, she was so funny on the floor because she just had so much fun playing the game. We were always wondering what would become of Allie. We knew she was gonna be tall, we knew she was gonna have some ability, we just didn't know what her drive was gonna be and how far it could go."
To say she's come pretty far is an understatement. Olson has become a staple in the Rustlers sports community and now in her fourth and final year, she hopes to leave a legacy at CMR.
"Just to leave my name as a mark to this school, and work as hard as I can and show others how to lead," said Olson. "I've kinda just stepped into shoes and followed what other seniors have done, and just go by example kind of."
As a multi-sport athlete, she has a lot on her plate, but volleyball has been the main focus since first grade.
"I'm in the gym 24-7. I never take a break," she said.
"The fact that teams have been planning for her now for two years straight, she knows that everyone comes into here, their goal is they've gotta stop Allie if they've got any shot of beating us," added Hiller
But her biggest motivation hits close to home.
"My main support is probably my mom. She's coached me this whole time, and she's just showed me how to be a role model for others. We've become really bonded, and that's kinda what we talk about 24-7 during the season, and we just really click on it," said Olson.
"You know, you see sometimes where the moms are the best friends of their daughters, not necessarily their mothers, and Paula, she walks that line better than any mother I've ever seen of a really good athlete," said Hiller. "She's Allie's best friend, she's her best supporter, she's a great advocate for her kid, but at the same time she requires Allie to work."
the Olson family will have a big test come this time next year when Allie heads to college in Utah, where she'll be playing volleyball for the Utes.
"It's super sad, I don't want to leave. I like this school too much, but I just wanted to challenge myself to the next level."
And no matter how old, how tall or how skilled she gets, Allie will always remember that mom knows best.
"She can't really teach me that much anymore - I guess I've gotten past her level, but I still take her advice whenever I can."

The first Senior Standout of the new school year highlights Rustler volleyball star Allie Olsen.

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