Senior Standout: Power's Jackson Wildham

This week's Senior Standout is Power football player Jackson Wildham!

"You always say that people can replace other people, but you know, certain people are hard to replace, and jackson's gonna be one of those players, and people, that's gonna be tough to replace." Says Coach Tim Tranam "He means a lot to us."

Jackson Wildham has been impacting the Power community since his freshman year.

"Jackson, he's been very good for us," said PDB Head Coach Tim Tranam. "He's a big play type athlete, he has really good speed, and he's just been playing great on both sides of the ball."

In fact, you could call him a jack of all trades.

"He does a great job doing his defensive end work, and he's also our running back, and a reciever, a slot receiver he's our kickoff return specialist - he just does so many things for us.  He's very versatile."

Jackson also plays major roles on the basketball team…and for the track team....

With so many responsibilities, you'd think he'd be worn out by now, but…. 

"I've been doing that since I first started playing sports in sixth grade, so I'm not exhausted by it," said Jackson. "It's just like a normal thing for me now."

In fact, playing so many sports has helped him grow, and in more ways than one.

"He's grown not just physically but mentally as well. He's a senior now, he's one of our senior leaders. He's done a really good job of getting our other players ready for the games, and that really helps us as coaches, you know, when you have players that are mature and they help us get the kids ready, and I think he has high aspirations this year."

After a disappointing finish to the 2018 football season, Jackson was more ready than ever to help turn the tides for his team.

"I was eager last year after we didn't make the playoffs, cause I really wanted to make the playoffs last year, but we didn't," he said. "I just kinda realized what we didn't have last year - no disrespect to the seniors last year, they were leaders, too - but I just really wanted to be a leader last year and help us get there, so that's what I'm doing this year."

Now, with a 8-1 team, Jackson will look to lead his team to a championship starting this weekend.


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