Cascade County Sheriff's Office

CASCADE Co., Mont. - As Cascade County see's another high-profile case, sheriff Jesse Slaughter took to Facebook Tuesday to address the public to answer questions on the cases.

He answered questions about the Sally Smith case and the Brendon Rollins case. This afternoon, Slaughter said he is not comfortable releasing findings in the Sally Smith case, and they are waiting on the final report from the autopsy.

Slaughter added, right now, they are taking their time releasing any information on either case, because they want to make sure they are giving out accurate information.

"We'll release that information when it's appropriate. I know timely is a part of that appropriate process, but we will definitely err on the side of appropriate," Slaughter said.
Slaughter reiterated the public entrusts him with his job and he doesn't want to violate that trust. Both cases are still under investigation and once those are complete, he will release that information to the public.  

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