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SHOWDOWN, Mont. - Showdown is the oldest continually running ski area in the Treasure State, running since 1936.

But before they open the trails, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

Employees prep and work for eight months of the year to be open for about four months, but for them, it's all worth it seeing you hit the slopes.

"This is our 85th season, we're celebrating 85 years and still going downhill," said Avery Patrick, marketing director for Showdown.

Right now employees are shoveling, vacuuming and flipping tables but there is so much more that employees do year-round to make your time at Showdown memorable.

"We do chairlift maintenance, we do trail work, we do lodge maintenance, marketing is a year-round job," said Katie Boedecker, president and general manager at Showdown.

This year, making a major upgrade to their triple chair lift.

"We spent about 100,000 updating the chairlift. So, it will be running more efficiently, smoother stops and goes, just all kind of benefits," said Boedecker.

But some of their biggest work is trail maintenance, with 3-5 people clearing trails from May to November.

"We have a mountain crew that works on cleaning up downfall, we have some burn piles from a logging project from the last couple of years so they're cleaning those up," said Patrick.

Now typically Showdown will switch between summer and winter work, however this year they decided to pause their maintenance work to help with fire season.

"This summer we did host a fire camp for 35 days. We did 17,565 meals in 35 days. It was crazy. If you asked me if we could do that, I would have said no. But we did it just because we had to. It was amazing, it was an honor... We had guys who are normally out working on the mountain doing trail work and suddenly they're cooking eggs at 4:30 in the morning. It was our team that made it successful," said Boedecker.

Something that has been affecting everyone is supply shortages but Boedecker says they've been keeping an eye on the issue and were able to order ahead of time so they have everything they need for opening day.

"And so, we're a little bit ahead of the curve on that mostly because we weren't open and we could watch what was happening to other industries," said Boedecker.

Right now, you can plan to hit the slopes and shred on Friday, December 10th as long as they get just a little more snow.

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