9/14 Air Quality Map

The smoke we are seeing across all of Montana is actually from fires that are nearly 400 miles away. 

“The smoke that’s arrived across all of Montana has originated from the large western wildfires. The smoke is widespread across the entire region," said Paul Nutter, Senior Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Great Falls. 

And while these fires might be hundreds of miles away, the smoke can still affect your health. 

“The latest report from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality is showing a unhealthy health affect category based on the defying particles of smoke that are in the area," said Nutter

This means you should avoid spending long periods of time outdoors because you could see an increase of heart of lung disease.

“So that smoke that’s here is hazardous to health effects and certainly can affect those with sensitivities to breathing or respiratory issues," said Nutter. 

So what is it going to take to move this smoke out of Montana? 

“The best chance we have to clear the smoke out will come with a cold front coming from north west or central Canada and moving down along the east side of the Rockies and into this part of the state and north east Montana," said Nutter. 

NWS says we'll be seeing some cold fronts move in tonight and tomorrow. So, smoke conditions should clear up any time between Wednesday and Friday depending where you are in the Treasure State. 

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