GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Great Falls and surrounding areas in Central Montana are under a high wind warning and it's important to keep safety in the front of your mind in weather like this. 

According to the National Weather Service, a high wind warning means you should take action as strong winds and stronger gusts are happening. 

"When winds speeds start to go between 60-70 mph, you can have flying debris. It can be a little dangerous to be outside; whether it's a tree branch flying, a shingle, a piece of siding. You can get hurt, so that's why we want people to exercise caution," said Jim Brusda with NWS Great Falls. 

If you happen to be driving in this weather remember to look out for large trucks as it takes wind speeds less than 60 miles an hour to overturn a tractor trailer, keep your distance, keep your hands on the wheel, and slow down.

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