Student donates over 800 pairs of socks to Rescue Mission

GREAT FALLS - The next time you’re at home open your sock drawer and see how many pairs you have, chances are the number still pales in comparison to the over eight hundred donated by one little girl.

After being asked to start a community service project by her principal at Lincoln Elementary 5th grader Reia Henry felt she had some big shoes to fill but she was excited about the opportunity.

“My dad’s girlfriend put the first pair of socks into one of the boxes so I was pretty excited that she did that,” said Reia Henry, 5th grader, Lincoln Elementary.

That one pair of socks eventually turned into 834 pairs that filled two large boxes for the families at the Cameron Center.

“I can’t wait to see how the people here I can’t wait to see their faces and see how they react to them to the socks,” said Reia Henry, 5th grader, Lincoln Elementary.

Her community project started in what Reia called Sock-Tober and now families at the Cameron center will be able to receive not just one but multiple pairs and infants can entire packs of socks.

“We have been waiting for her all through October to bring these socks down and when we saw the number of socks that she raised it just was above and beyond I was blow out of the water,” Carrie Matter, Development Director of the Rescue Mission.

With this project in the books, Reia is looking forward to what the future will bring.


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