GREAT FALLS - To honor the over one thousand veterans who are buried in Great Falls, students placed an American flag at every single tombstone.

Twelve-hundred is the number of veterans who were honored here at Highland Cemetery from Great Falls High Students.

The flags were placed by students on Friday as part of the remembrance of the attacks on 9/11, to honor the lost from that fateful day along with the fallen soldiers who have been laid to rest.

The idea was to make sure the sites were shown attention during these times and reminding those who have fallen, that they were never forgotten.

Yesterday, the students returned to clean up the areas and the flags, opened one student’s eyes to how important an act like this truly is.

“It was quite interesting and a little sad to think about it because I walked through practically all of these rows and a lot of them don’t get attention and you can tell,” said Harley Good, Great Falls High senior.

But this weekend that changed, these students went through every row counted every fallen soldier, and made sure they were honored and given the attention they deserved.

In total, 1,700 veterans were honored by these Great Falls Students at two locations.


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