GREAT FALLS - This school year has come with many different challenges, but one thing that’s never changed is the ability for students to adapt and overcome.

Great Falls High School students returned to school this week after the school had to close for two days for a deep clean after confirmation of more coronavirus cases inside.

Now, the smoke has moved into the area causing issues for many who are sensitive to the poor air quality.

Some of the most at risk are those who participate in outdoor activities like sports.

Studies show if you are running in the smoke, you will take in roughly 20 times the amount of smoke compared to the normal person.

These risks didn’t stop students from coming out to practice…games or coming back to school.

“The coaches have been great like about giving us breaks and water breaks and a lot of the girls on the team have asthma and all that, so, but I mean you got to do what you got to do I mean at least we get a season,” Avrie Costley, GFH soccer player, said.

Now as the weather continues to change, the smoke will continue to slowly fade away making conditions safer for everyone in the community.


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