GREAT FALLS, Mont. - This weekend, Teton County is holding a groundbreaking ceremony welcoming its first distillery in the area.

The distillery will be built near Gordon, Montana, and will feature a 10,000 square foot production facility and a 7,000 square foot warehouse facility.

Joel Almeida, founder, and CEO of Karhu Koski Distillery believes the project will expand employment opportunities for residents in Teton and Cascade County, as well as stimulate the local economy.

"We’ll also be able to bring tourism in. This will be a destination location we will be advertising not only on the state of Montana but in other western states and into Canada. So we'll be looking to bring tourism into the area and bring value to the area for sure," said Almeida.

Almeida is looking to hire close to thirty employees who all share the same vision.

"We want to build a world-renowned brand, that's the first thing. We also want to do white labeling and manufacturing for other established distillery and we want to be a go-to place for people traveling up and down the 15."

Although unemployment has been rough in surrounding areas like Vaughn, one resident says this is exactly what they need.

"I think it would help out a lot not only with unemployment... but you know with like tourist stuff like that... I think it would... it'll help us," said Diane Woods.

The ceremony will be held Saturday, Sept. 25 at 11 a.m.


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