The Great Falls Chamber Of Commerce job recruitment team

GREAT FALLS- They're unofficially calling themselves the Great Falls job recruitment team. Here's how this team is bringing more young professionals into the Electric City. 

Growing Great Falls- The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce and business leaders are teaming up and recruiting young professionals across the Treasure State to work in the Electric City.

The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce says it's team's mission is helping people find jobs in the Great Falls area, but they're also making sure these future employees have a life outside of the office.

The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce says often times when people find a great job, you're also stuck looking for a social life outside of work.

After the recruitment team attends career fairs or college visits, the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce says, they'll have young professionals fill out an interest form stating what careers they'd like to pursue and what their personal interests are outside of work.

Once that's filled out, the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce alerts Great Falls businesses that this person would be a good fit for their company. From there it's in the hands of the employer to reach out to the young professional.

“The other fun thing about is, what are your interests? Well, I like skiing. If you get called for an interview and you come to Great Falls, let's introduce you to the president of the ski club," said Shane Etzwiler, the President of the Great Falls Chamber of Commerce.

The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce says this concept is about trying to find the balance between career and lifestyle. So far this newly developed program has helped roughly 23 people connect with various employers in Great Falls. The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce also says they've already attended Billings and Havre for career fairs. They've found young professionals from those cities who want to move to a decent size city in Montana like, Great Falls, but not as large as Billings.

The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce says they're always looking for recruitment team members who are passionate about working and living in the Electric City. For more details on the team, click here, or call 406-761-4434.

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