Threat made at GFPS

UPDATE (05-13-19):

An investigation is underway after threats were made against a student at Great Falls high School. 

According to the Great Falls Police Department, the threats were first posted on social media, and authorities were alerted about the threats on Saturday, May 11th. 

An investigation immediately ensued, and police were able to identify the student who made the threats. Both the student and their parents are cooperating with police. 

The student has been suspended while the investigation continues. 

Parents and students can expect to see more police than usual, out of precaution. 

Police also tell us they have received a number of calls to the 911 dispatch center from parents looking for information. They ask that parents refrain from calling either 911 or the non-emergency number for information. 

We will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. 

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