It might be July, but preparations are well underway for the next school year. This will be Tom Moore's first year as Great Falls Public Schools Superintendent, and he sat down with KFBB to discuss his plans.

Moore said he was excited to start interacting with the community in a different way, and looks forward to keeping the lines of communication open. This focuses on the relationship between the community and the school district.

Moore also added that the help from the community in Great Falls allows for the district to be successful, adding that GFPS, like any other school district, has its challenges. Those range from balancing the budget, to finding adequate staff members, and even school supplies for teachers and students.

"A lot of the reductions and the cuts we've had to make over the last 10 years have detrimentally impacted our teachers in being able to do the job they need to in the classroom without adequate supplies and materials," Moore said.

He also pointed out that the community helps out each year with events like United Way's annual Stuff the Bus event. If you would like to get involved, you can reach out to Great Falls Public Schools.  

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