James Parker charged with deliberate homicide

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Over three and a half years have passed since the murder of 45-year-old Lloyd Geaudry during a street fight in Great Falls.

Last week, on Sept. 10, the jury selection began for the trial of James Michael Parker and on Tuesday, Sept. 14, the trial continued as witnesses took the stand.

It was emotional for witnesses as they recall the events that took place in March 2018, parkers cousin even starting to cry on the stand.

In March 2018, two groups of people gathered close to Great Falls High School to have a fistfight, however, Parker ended up bringing a hatchet.

The state is saying these witness testimonies show Parker showed off his hatchet on the way to the fight.

The defense says while what happened was a tragedy, Parker did not murder Geaudry and he didn't even know he was a part of the fight.

Tuesday, as witnesses took the stand things got a little heated.

"Do you remember talking to him about seeing the defendant with the hatchet," asked attorney Josh Racki.

"Objection your honor, leading," said the defense.

"It's not leading, it's a yes or no question," said Racki.

"Well, hang on. First of all, let me get involved because I'm the judge. So, I'm going to overrule the objection," said the Judge.

Parker is being charged with deliberate homicide, two counts of assault with a weapon, and one count of witness tampering.

The trial is expected to continue for a few weeks.

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