University of Providence brings in new Health Investment Certificate program

GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Thanks to a new partnership, University of Providence (UP) is bringing in a new program to help improve the health of community members in Great Falls.

With healthcare trends turning to a more community-based approach, the University of Providence is getting ahead of the game and adding a new program to help fulfill those needs.

UP is partnering with the Catholic Health Association to bring in the first of its kind community Health Investment Certificate program.

Students will learn how to care for patients beyond the walls of a hospital and address issues they face every day, such as being isolated, having a difficult time finding housing and paying their bills.

Dora Barilla has been around the health system for quite a while and says she's excited about what this program will bring to the table for the community.  

"I think it's really an opportunity to begin to develop cohorts and a new type of leadership that is much needed in our health systems, in terms of really understanding community health, some of the health and equities and really an opportunity to improve health equity in our country,” Barilla said.

Although Health Care Administration and Public Health programs were available in past years, Barilla says this new program will help bridge the gap from the hospital to the home.

"It's really focusing in and targeting health systems and really looking at health system leadership development, and how do leaders in our current and our future health system really operate from a public health lens within a health system,” she said. 

The Health Investment Certificate is a 12 month, 16 credit program. Barilla says their first cohort will begin this fall.


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