CDC Recommendations for Memorial Day Weekend Commemorations

Outside of essentials like clothes and toiletries, the CDC recommends travelers pack extra food, water and face masks to protect them wherever they're going. Photo by Afiq Hisham.

GREAT FALLS - There’s more than a few ways to commemorate Memorial Day during this three day weekend, and while the coronavirus pandemic continues, there are some safety precautions you can take. 


For anyone travelling, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends making preparations before you head out the door. Packing extra food and water can go a long way, especially on exhausting trips, and you can’t go wrong with packing a few facemasks to protect you wherever you’re going. 


Outside of washing your hands, you’re still encouraged to social distance, even while swimming, with exceptions for water rescues or evacuations. 


Plus, Great Falls City Commissioner Mary Moe says exploring the outdoors is another way you can honor the occasion away from sizeable crowds. 


”I encourage people to visit a state park in particular that is near you. You’ll find serenity there, a good place to have memories and also to be with family safely,” said Moe. 


With phase one still in effect, you can’t host gatherings with more than 10 people. If you feel like having a small barbeque though, it’s still best to be mindful when handling hot equipment and raw meat according to the CDC, even if there’s no evidence suggesting COVID-19 can spread through food.


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