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GREAT FALLS, Mont. - Whittier Elementary School will reopen for face to face learning Thursday, Feb. 25 at 8:10 a.m., after frozen pipes and ongoing boiler issues shut down the school last week.

"The plumbing issues have been addressed and there is adequate heat in the building," Director of Business Operations Brian Patrick said.

Principal Corri Smith and her staff are excited to see students again after eight days of remote learning.

All students can report for in-person learning Thursday, Feb. 25. 

One of the staff members, Dean Jardee, wrote the following poem for students as they return:

We will teach you in a room

We will teach you also on Zoom

We will teach you in a house

We will teach you with a mouse

We will teach you because we care!


It is going to be real cool

Because you get to come back to the School

Thursday is the time and place

We get to see you face to face.

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