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BLAINE COUNTY - Law enforcement say one woman and her dog are dead after a running train accidentally hit them.

The county sheriff’s office (BCSO) tells Montana Right Now the incident took place 4:45 pm Saturday by Lodge Creek, just east of Chinook. The 41-year-old was training her dog in smelling pheasants for bird photography, and ended up walking on railroad tracks leading up to the accident. 

Despite horn signals from engineers, neither the victim nor her husband parked 25 yards away heard or saw the incoming train. 

After handling traffic and clearing up the scene with other agencies, an investigation is underway, according to Sheriff John Colby.

“We’re waiting for contact from Burlington Northern to get train footage from the incident, to be able to view it and see what was going on, and from there we’ll wrap up the investigation,” he said, asking the public to send thoughts and prayers to the victim’s family and friends in the meanwhile. 

BCSO plans on releasing the victim’s identity Monday after notifying next of kin this weekend. 

Responding groups also include the Blaine County Fire Department, the county ambulance, Montana Highway Patrol, and the Chinook Police Department. 

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